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String Instrument Lessons

String Instrument Lessons

Students in Grades 2 through 8  may enroll in our year long String Instruments program.

Kate O’Brien, Strings Instructor, offers small-group lessons on VIOLIN, VIOLA and CELLO, held on Mondays usually in the Parish Center.  30 weeks of sessions begin on September 23 and end in early June, with participation in concerts and presentations for the school and parents. Started in January of 2012, 2013-14 will be the second full year of the St. James String Instrument Program.

In 2013-14, beginners in Grades 2 and 3 may sign up for group lessons based on the Suzuki method, with emphasis on learning by rote, enjoying playing and developing correct technique. As the year progresses, we may add some basic music reading.

4th – 8th graders will have traditional lessons that emphasize technique, music reading and ensemble playing, and groups will be formed of beginners and returning intermediate and advanced players.

Students are expected to play at home, remember to bring their instruments to school every Monday and attend lessons scheduled on a rotating basis so they do not miss part of the same class every week. There will a few extra rehearsals scheduled during the year in preparation for concerts and presentations.

Please contact Mrs. O’Brien at with questions about the program, the instruments and reasonable local instrument rental options. The program is designed to bring greater depth of enrichment to our students.