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St. James Fathers’ Club

The St. James Fathers’ Club was a vehicle created to get dads more involved in our school community.  The club has done an amazing job of organizing many family fun events that produce both a profit and a spirit of good will in our community. Among many activities The Fathers’ club has sponsored or supported are Restaurant Family Nights, Pancake Breakfasts and most recently, the 6th annual Family Picnic and Pig Roast Bash coming up Sept12 that will attended by hundreds of our students and parents.

If you are interested in the activities of the club, please email us and we will put you in touch with the members so that you can learn more,

Pig Roast Sept12
Latin Fest Sept 13
FC Soundtiger Nov 22

You can also look up events, pictures  & “goings on” with the Club  on FB click on this link …to find out more

and Shutterfly

both are closed, private groups that let our dads get involved in whatever they want to do..

Thanks to this group of dedicated dads, our school has been enriched in terms of community and in the gifts they have returned…the greatest being the message that they have sent their children about commitment and community.  We are so blessed to have the Fathers’ Club at St. James!

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