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  SECOND SLICE : Students may purchase an additional slice of pizza on Wednesdays and Fridays for $1.75 rather than an entire second lunch at $4.

MILK PROGRAM – You can order whole milk in chocolate or 2% white milk for your child. The cost is $12.00 per year.  If you choose to order after October 1st, please contact the office for the pro-rated cost per carton.  Click HERE for the order form.

Month Order Due Dates CLICK FOR MENU
September First day of school SEPTEMBER 2014 (paper copy)
October September 18th (FRI) Hot_Lunch_Menu_Oct_2015
November October 16th(FRI)  Hot_Lunch_Menu_Nov_2015
December November 13th(FRI)  Hot_Lunch_Menu_Dec_2015
January  2014 December 11th(FRI)  Hot_Lunch_Menu_Jan 2016
February January 15th(FRI)  Hot_Lunch_Menu_Feb 2016
March February 16th(TUES) March 2016 hot lunch Menu
April March 11th(FRI)  Hot_Lunch_Menu_Apr 2016
May April 12th(FRI)  Hot Lunch Menu May 206
June May 13th(FRI) Hot Lunch Menu June 2016

LUNCH ORDERS: As of January 2015, order forms will be sent home in paper to students two weeks or so before they are due.  The forms are also available by clicking below:

LUNCH POLICIES AND PRACTICES The price of a single lunch is $4. Lunch order forms are sent home monthly.   In order to keep costs down, we order our  our lunches from our vendor a month in advance.  For this reason, it is imperative that you turn your order in by the stated deadline each month in order for your child’s lunch to be included. Circle your selections for the entire month on the bottom menu, tally the total number of lunches ordered and return the circled menu with your payment.  The top menu is for your own records. Please make sure to record on your copy those days that your child ordered so you will know when he or she will need to bring a bag lunch.  You must fill-out one menu per child, but you may pay for all your children with one check. Your child’s teacher will receive a spreadsheet showing the students who are having hot lunch in  for the entire month. Each day, the teacher will distribute a generic lunch ticket to those students who ordered, which the student must in turn present to the lunch monitor in the cafeteria. It is not possible to place a same-day “add-on” lunch order.  If you child forgets his/her lunch, you may bring your child’s lunch to school for them.  If not, we will offer them cereal so they will at least have some sort of lunch. When your child is dismissed early or  is sick on the day that he or she ordered lunch, you may call in advance to request that we wrap lunch for him/her and you may pick it up.  Otherwise, you have forfeited the lunch.    There will be no refunds issued for absences, illness or early dismissals.  If we have a school cancellation, you will be issued a credit for the lunch that you paid for which may be applied to the next month’s lunch order. Please note – teachers and staff are not permitted, by State law, to heat individual student lunches. A  hot lunch envelope is issued to each family and should be used for all  hot lunch transactions.  Email or call the office if you need a new envelope. (203) 375-5994 or