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St. James Honors 2014-2015

Honors are calculated for students in grades 5-8.  Honor roll is calculated on a student’s overall Grade Point Average (GPA) based on major subject areas and Foreign Language.   High honors are awarded to those students who obtain a GPA of 3.6 – 4.0.  Honors are awarded to those students who obtain a 3.2-3.59 GPA.  To qualify, no student may obtain a grade lower than a B in any special subject area such as Music, Computers, Art or Physical Education.

Marking Period 1 Honors, November 2014

First Name Last Name Grade Honors
Isabella Arauco 5 High Honors
Sofia Arauco 5 High Honors
Daniel Barnick 5 High Honors
Thomas Brown 5 High Honors
Shane Burton 5 High Honors
Julianna Cavallo 5 High Honors
Hayden Cromer 5 High Honors
Devon Dupray 5 High Honors
Leanna Elio 5 High Honors
Claudia Espejo 5 High Honors
Aleksandra Kozak 5 High Honors
Kyra Ligas 5 High Honors
Abby Pinckney 5 High Honors
Amanda Romano 5 High Honors
Anika Thite 5 High Honors
Lola Worsdale 5 High Honors
Michaela Augusztin 6 High Honors
Diana DeRosa 6 High Honors
Ryan Doan 6 High Honors
Faith AnNa Hughes 6 High Honors
Michael Pagano 6 High Honors
Erin Parchinski 6 High Honors
Madison Siegler 6 High Honors
Lucas Smith 6 High Honors
Sarah Sportini 6 High Honors
Isabella Torres 6 High Honors
Cassandra Burton 7 High Honors
Paul Henry Fabbri 7 High Honors
Bridget Hewitt 7 High Honors
Lilia Ivanovich 7 High Honors
Abby Ligas 7 High Honors
Ethan Miller 7 High Honors
Clare Teskey 7 High Honors
Kathleen Allbert 8 High Honors
Georgia Barnick 8 High Honors
Bianca Espejo 8 High Honors
Elizabeth Garfield 8 High Honors
Caeley Ott 8 High Honors
Mikaela Puzzo 8 High Honors
Brooke Royal 8 High Honors
Brian Teskey 8 High Honors
Anthony Velez 8 High Honors
Mercedes Figueroa 5 Honors
Carly Maignan 5 Honors
John Martins 5 Honors
Matthew Vera 5 Honors
Bernae Webb 5 Honors
Madison Zimnoch 5 Honors
Alexandra Ayala 6 Honors
Emily Brennan 6 Honors
Desmond Brown 6 Honors
Leila Celisie 6 Honors
Amanda Manente 6 Honors
Emelia Pagano 6 Honors
Sydney Ritchie 6 Honors
Kristen Ruby 6 Honors
Sophia Smith 6 Honors
Isabella Strazza 6 Honors
Anthony Torreso 6 Honors
Madison Bartram 7 Honors
Cassandra Cavallo 7 Honors
Morgan Colacurcio 7 Honors
Carter Courbron 7 Honors
Joshua Darlucio 7 Honors
Isabella Gaydos 7 Honors
Justin Horvath 7 Honors
Kylie Lucifora 7 Honors
Ava Reilly 7 Honors
Sydney Romano 7 Honors
Andrzej Wieciorkowski 7 Honors
Brendan Williams 7 Honors
Penelope Ziemnicki 7 Honors
Allison Boursiquot 8 Honors
Joshua Giannoni 8 Honors
Tyler Higgins 8 Honors
Tessie Hynes 8 Honors
Lily Mulin 8 Honors
Caroline Oman 8 Honors
Reid Popick 8 Honors
Colin Richards 8 Honors
Marcela Rios 8 Honors
Julia Torreso 8 Honors


Mr. Gieryng announced today, Friday, January 31st, 2-14, the new inductees into the National Elementary Honor Society.   Students in grades 4-6 must apply and meet stringent academic, character and other criteria as set forth in the NEHS By Laws as evaluated by a faculty committee.  This year, the following 27 students were inducted and received recognition at our school Mass:


Grade 4:  Isabella Arauco, Sofia Arauco Daniel Barnick,Thomas   Brown, Shane Burton, Julianna Cavallo, Hayden Cromer, Devon Dupray, Leanna Elio,   Ashley McKenzi-Artwell, Abby Pinckney, Jack Reilly, Amanda Romano & Anika   Thite.

Grade 5:  Leila Celisie, Edward Fredericks, Kevin Kelly,   Michael Pagano, Erin Parchinski, Kristen Ruby, and Isabella Strazza.

Grade 6: Jaxon Beirne, Cassie Cavallo, Morgan Colacurcio, Kylie Lucifora, Cassandra Popick and Penelope Ziemnicki.