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Student of the Month


Each month, from September through May, teachers will recommend  to the Principal one student within a grade cluster whom they feel best represents St. James in spirit, in caring and in academic effort.  In addition to a recognition certificate, each student receives a “free pass” entitling him or her to one dress down day on the day of his or her choice.

We congratulate each of our honorees!


Grade 1: Noel Curran, William Davis and Riely Gullans.  Grade 2: Karina Ayala and Finneas Wright. Grade 3: Thomas Kaine, Cooper Nazar,  Justin Ruby and Sasha Ziemnicki.  Grade 4: Amelia Courbron, Chelsea Fredericks, and Juan Mercado-Russell. Grade 6: Sydney Ritchie. Grade 8:: Nicholas Emanuel, Alexis Kretvix  and Julianna Santiago.



























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Kindergarten: Abigail Salmini. Grade 1: Matthew Cherry, Robert Heywood, Emily Nazar , Samantha Roman,  Matthew Stanislavskyy, and Janiya Starks.  Grade 2: Brooke Ballaro, Emma Petrie  and Grace Petrie. Grade 3: Isabella Augusztin, Anna Salmini, Jehyzell Seperack and Samantha Torreso. Grade 4: Benjamin Petrie and Joseph Toro. Grade 5: Sofia Arauco, Daniel Barnick and  Claudia Espejo. Grade 6: Emelia Pagano and Erin Parchinski. Grade 7: Cassandra Burton, Matthew Hines, Abby Ligas and Brendan Williams. Grade 8: Tessie Hynes and Caeley Ott.









PREVIOUS YEARS: (students listed in grade they were in when SOM awarded)

MAY 2014: Samantha Toresso (Grade 2), Michael Pagano (Grade 5)  and Amanda Lubin (Grade 8)

APRIL 2014: Lilly Courbron (Grade 2), *Sophia Arauco (Grade 4)  and Daniel Cox (Grade 8)

MARCH 2014Matthew Stanislavskyy (Grade K),   Quinn Carter (Grade 3) and Richard Despeignes( Grade 8)

FEBRUARY 2014: John Miller (Grade 3_)  Kristin Zack (Grade 6) and Lily Mulin (Grade 7)

DECEMBER 2013:  Emma Petrie (Gr.1),  Anika Thite (Gr. 4) and Roselynn Thattil (Gr. 8)

NOVEMBER 2013:  Joseph Francetic (K),  Edward (E.J.) Fredericks (Gr. 5) and Sofia Santiago (Gr. 7)

OCTOBER 2013: Samantha Roman (K),  Ceira Gallagher (Gr. 2) and Daniel Barnick (Gr. 4)

SEPTEMBER 2013: Samantha Ritchie (Gr. 8), Ricardo Molina (Gr. 6), &  Avery Falco (Gr. 1)

MAY 2013:  Domenic  Lynch (Gr. 2), Ashlyn  Hynes  (Gr. 4) and Ariana Granado (Gr. 7).

APRIL 2013: Noelle Prophet, (Gr. 2), Claudia Espejo (Gr. 3) and Olivia Lopez (Gr. 6)

MARCH 2013: Quinlan Moran (K), Madison Siegler (Gr. 4) and Amanda Lopez (Gr. 8).

FEBRUARY 2013: Brady Grinvalsky (Gr. 1),  Daniel House (Gr. 6)  and Micah Wray (Gr, 7)

JANUARY 2013: No Students of the Month in January. To see the awards presented in January, including the National Elementary Honor Society Inductees and the St. Thomas Aquinas Award winner, click HERE.

DECEMBER 2012: Grace Petrie (K), Joesph Toro  (Gr. 2) and Zachary Fagan (Gr. 8)

NOVEMBER 2012: Michael Lucifora (1st), Ethan Horbury (4th) and Natalie Gordon (5th)

OCTOBER 2012 Julia Litwinionek (K), Thomas Brown (3rd) and Max Coleman (7th)

SEPTEMBER 2012 – Benjamin Petrie (Gr.2), Ava Reilly (Gr. 5) and  Kylie Zack (Gr.8)

MAY 2012 – Shyanne  Roman (Gr. K),  Julianna  Wojenski (Gr.2) and  Madeline McBbride (Gr.6)

APRIL 2012Maura Conlan (Gr. 1),  Amanda Manente (Gr. 3) and Melonie Chinnicci (Gr.7)

MARCH 2012- Aleksandra Kozak (Gr. 2),  Justin Horvath (Gr. 4) and Kara Kochiss (Gr. 8)

FEBRUARY 2012- Dominic Puzz  (Gr. 1), Leïla Celisié, (Gr. 3) and Bianca Espejo (Gr. 5).

JANUARY 2012-  Daniel Brennan (K), Isabella Strazza (Gr. 3) and Megan Peterlin (Gr. 7).

DECEMBER 2011: Isabella Arauco (Gr. 2),  Emma Reed (Gr. 6) and Isabella Puzzo (Gr. 7).

NOVEMBER 2011  – Jack Reilly (Gr. 2), Madison Bartram (Gr. 4) and Mary Kate Morton (Gr. 8).

OCTOBER 2011:  Miranda Rich (Gr. 1), Kylie Lucifora (Gr. 4) and Samantha Ritchie (Gr. 6).

SEPTEMBER 2011:  Brooke Royal (Gr. 5), Anna Salmini (K) and Blake Kozloski (Gr. 8).