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TUITION REDUCTION: Gift Certificate Program & Order Form

The certificate sales program is the easiest way for families to lower their overall tuition obligation.  We sell gift cards through the office to a dozen retailers including from grocery stores,  major retailers like Target and Walmart and  restaurants — all places that our families frequent.   Each gift card represents a dollar-for-dollar exchange. For example, if you pay us $100 for a Stop&Shop card, it has that same value at the store. We encourage families to get friends, family members and co-workers to make purchases on your behalf.  As you or others purchase gift cards for you, the office will track your sales and apply the credit earned through the program to your annual tuition.  Each sale will reduce the family’s overall balance, and will be reflected in your end of year billing.  You have to participate to benefit. Credit can be earned from sales made during the the current school year up until  the last day in February. The next sales year begins on March 1st of each year.  Purchases made after March 1st will begin earning you credits towards the next year’s tuition.  We run the program on a March to February  cycle.

In addition to the regular weekly sales, we host a special Christmas order each fall.  This is a one-time expanded list with hundreds of stores available for order on time for the Christmas holiday.  Look for this sale in October.

Click here to open current CERTIFICATE ORDER FORM (Rev. 7/18/18)


Orders will be processed weekly. All orders received by noon on Monday by noon will be processed and sent home on Friday or, when there is no school on Friday, the next school day. You will need to indicate on the form whether your order will be picked-up in the office or sent home with your child. Orders will be processed year-round, including summer months.