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Bus Service

St. James School families are provided bus service through the Town of Stratford from the Durham School Services Company, however, only residents of the town of Stratford are eligible for service. They Bus Company is located at 70 Chestnut St. in Stratford and can be reached at 203-378-0147. We encourage parents whose children will ride the bus to enter this number in your cell or address book in case of an emergency.

Each year all town  bus runs are published on the Town of Stratford, Board of Education’s website (Click Here.) You will also be provided an email from the office with your child’s bus service details just before school begins.

Questions?  Call the office, 203-375-5994.  Bus assignments will be made available prior to the start of school.  Please look these over.  Also, save the Student Bus Service phone number for future reference, 203-378-0147.


  • You must reside in Stratford to have bus service and reside 1.5 miles away from the school.
  • Only registered riders may ride the buses.
  • Students may NOT switch buses.
  • Non-bus riders are not permitted to ride home with friends for playdates. Only emergency daycare needs may be permitted with written consent from the office.
  • The bus company does not accept sporadic or irregular riders. You  must ride daily to and from the same address or on a daily basis.
  • *ONLY ONE ADDRESS IS ACCEPTED.  The town is NOT required to provide bus service for day care purposes.  Only one residence may be used for bus service.  If you have a need to have your child dropped-off at a different address than your own, you may request it with this form, but the assignment WILL ONLY BE TAKEN UNDER ADVISEMENT by the school bus company.  If the additional drop is approved, then the second address will not be added until after the school year has begun and ONLY if they can easily accommodate it —NO guarantees.

Each spring, we submit a listing to the Town based on the registration forms submitted.  It is better to be on the initial bus list we submit in June as the bus company does their scheduling of routes over the summer.  If you are added on later (add-ons are done in the fall), the bus company is not very flexible about changing routes or stops & your chances of a reasonably close bus stop diminish.

All additions to or changes must be made through the school office in writing. Please email the office, if you would like us to make a request for change to the bus company.  Call the office, 203-375-5994, if you have any questions or concerns.