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ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION RELEASE FORM- To refer to the directions or download the form CLICK HERE. Children may not bring medications to school and no medications, including cough drops or Tylenol, may be administered without this form filled out and signed by your child’s physician.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  The State of Connecticut requires a physical on its official “Blue Form” for entrance into school in grade K or in all grades when entering from out of state. An official form is again required in Grade 6. Copies of the form are available from the main office or the nurse.

HEP B VACCINATION/JUNIOR HIGH:  Students entering grade 7 are required to have their first dose of Hepititis B vaccine. Entering grade 8, the completed series of Hep B (doses 2 & 3) are required.

SPORTS PARTICIPATION HEALTH FORM: A current sports physical or an official State of CT Blue form signed by a physican and dated within one year of the duration of the current sport season is required in order to participate in a school sport such as basketball or softball. The school office or school nurse has this form or you  may download a copy HERE.

EMERGENCY FORM: To update your child’s emergency contact information, either e-mail St. James Office or print a copy and send the revised form to school via your child. It is imperative that we can reach you in an emergency situation, so please keep school apprised of any changes.  Click HERE to print.

FOOD ALLERGY ALERT: Please read this life saving message. More important information can be found through the Food Allergy Network – click here.

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REYE’S SYNDROME – To learn more, please view this Medical Bulletin & also refer the list of aspirin containing products, which are linked to Reye’s.
Reye’s Syndrome Aspirin Product List

CONTACT OUR SCHOOL NURSE:    Mrs.  Cindy Kelly, 203-375-5994,