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Volunteering & Virtus

 SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER – Visit St. James online ‘SIGN UP GENIUS’ website to make volunteering extra easy!


Parents and other friends and relatives of our students are invited to fully participate in school life.  Your child’s education is founded on a collaborative partnership and we strongly encourage parents to find some way to be present in our school and the positive benefits are many:

  • Spiritually: Demonstrate your commitment while sending students a strong message about the power of service to community and the importance of education.
  • Academically:  There is a demonstrated link between parental involvement and student achievement.
  • Socially:  Establish connections with other parents, making potentially life-long friendships and keeps you connected to the students and families of the friends your child makes and who are part of his/her life.
  • Financially: Keeps tuition increases down when fundraisers are successful — more parent involvement equals more successful fundraisers and less need to raise tuition.

We have a large range of areas where parents and other family members can give service to our school.  Click  the link at the top of the page to see a detailed listing of opportunities.

However, every adult over t he age of 18 must meet certain criteria designated by the Diocese of Bridgeport before he/she may do so.   These requirements were put into place in order to help protect students from potential abuse.  The parental requirements are implemented in conjunction with student workshops to teach students, in an age appropriate format, what they can do to be safe from predators.

Below are  the requirements plus the corresponding documents that must be turned-in.  All three requirements must be met in order to be allowed to volunteer in the classroom or to participate in any school-sponsored activity with the children.

Note:  When completing your required forms, if your name is not the same as that of our student (i.e., a maternal grandparent or an aunt or uncle), please make sure to note the student’s name on the form so we may provide the appropriate teacher with the correct information.


All adult (over age 18) volunteers must have completed all the Diocese of Bridgeport Office of Safe Environments training and requirements in order to be a chaperone for any school-related activity or to help in the classroom or in school-related or sponsored activity that involves children.   To learn more:

Diocese Bridgeport Office of Safe Environments  – Links to all related services, forms and contacts

Synopsis of Requirements – Click HERE for a summary of what every volunteer must do to be cleared to participate.

Safe Environments Handbook – Program Overview.  You must provide the School with a signed copy of the “Acknowledgement Form,” which simply states that you have been made aware of this policy .  Click HERE for the form.

Background Checks (required) – Access this site to obtain the appropriate form

Required Training Workshop – (free) Every adult volunteer must attend a  “Protecting God’s Children” workshop.  The workshops are offered throughout the Diocese at various times.  You must register online through

  • On the left-side click on “Registration.”
  • In this window, select, View of List of Sessions
  • From the pull-down arrow menu box, select your organization, which is “Bridgeport CT (Diocese)
  • Scroll through the list and once you found a class you can attend, select the “Start Registration” tab at the top of the screen and follow the step by step instructions.

If you are unable to register online, you can call the Diocesan Office of Safe Environments for assistance, contact Erin Neil, Director of Safe Environments, at (203) 416-1406, or e-mail For information on background checks, contact Louise Stewart-Spagnuolo, Director of Support Services, at (203) 416-1405, or e-mail



We have a great need for volunteers each day and throughout the year for many events that take place.  If you would like to volunteer, but do not know in what capacity you can be of service, please call or email the school, (203) 375-5994 or  The following is a partial listing, in no particular order, of activities or events that require parental assistance/volunteers:

  • Bingo – all year on Friday
  • Hot Lunch Program Kitchen Help – all year
  • Hot Lunch Program Tally Crew – all year/1x per month
  • Office Helpers/Certificate Sales Crew – all year
  • Classroom Aids (certain grades/teachers) – all year
  • Room Parents – all year
  • Box Top Clippers – all year
  • Pie  Sale – October/November
  • Christmas Fair –  November
  • Book Fair – October and January
  • Children’s Christmas Fair – December
  • Basketball Tournament – January/February
  • Wall of Faith Gala & Auction- February
  • Grandparents & Special Friends Day – April/May
  • Golf Tournament (May)

We also have a very active Home and School Association (HSA) which meets monthly.    Please visit their webpage  for meeting dates and more information from the pull-down menu at the top of our website.