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Registration Packet

St.JamesSchool! We at St. James are very proud of the fine spiritual and academic programs that we offer to students in preschool through eighth grade, and we would like to share these programs with you. St. James is committed to living out its mission.  The mission, “rooted in Jesus Christ, is to nurture the whole child by providing a quality academic education while living the Gospel message.” The Catholic faith is the cornerstone upon which all other endeavors, be they social, academic, or spiritual, are built. Each child is seen as a unique and special creation of God, who has unique gifts and talents to offer the world. We strive to awaken, in each child, the sense of his or her giftedness and the desire to use those gifts to serve others. Through prayer, liturgical celebrations, and service opportunities, St. James students grow in their relationship with God. It is our hope that as they mature, our children will carry with them the very real conviction that God walks with them in every phase of their lives, and that He is there, even in their darkest moments. Such faith will sustain them, no matter what life brings. We also strive to develop the academic potential of each child. Our curriculum stresses those subject areas, study skills, and work habits which will result in our students being prepared for any high school curriculum they may choose. When you become part of theSt.JamesSchoolcommunity, you join our family. Parent involvement is a key reason for the success of our program. As your child’s first teacher, you are the most important role model in his/her life. We work as partners with you to raise happy, morally aware and caring young people. Together, we instill those Christian values which will become your child’s guiding principles in all he/she says and does. You will find a warm welcome whenever you volunteer for any of dozens of activities that enrich the school experience for the children. No matter whether you are available during the day, in the evenings or on weekends, there are volunteer opportunities that will fit in with your schedule! The students love having their parents and family members helping around the building. The message that you send by volunteering is clear: school is something that is very important, and my child’s academic, spiritual and social growth is worth the investment of my time. I hope you will find the enclosed information helpful as you make the important decision about the best school for your child. I believe you will find that the faith-based educational experience offered here at St. James will enable your child to not only meet his/her academic potential, but will also help your child develop a life-long loving relationship with God. This spiritual nourishment can be the greatest gift you can give your child, so that he/she can face the world and all of its uncertainties with a sense of joy and peace. God bless you and your child.

Patricia Libero, Principal




SMART Tuition Management Registration Pamphlet and Form – Required for new families

Financial Aid

Acceptance Policy

Goals and Objectives

Curriculum &  Activities

Student Achievements

Faculty Profile

 APPLICATION FORM - Required for all applicants (3 pages)

New Family Survey – Required for all new families

Parish Verification Form  – To be returned signed by pastor of any Diocese of Bridgeport parish in order to qualify for In-Diocese tuition rates.

Release of Records - For all applicants grades 2-8

Student Profile Form - For all applicants grades 2-8

OTHER FORMS FOR CURRENT FAMILIES (Who wish to return next year)

Re-Registration Complete Packet F’15 – To Post in January 2015

For more information, please contact the school office at 203-375-5994 or e-mail us at

Thank you.