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Meeting Minutes of September 23, 2015


September 23, 2015

Officers Reports


President’s report: Jessica Curran


Welcome and Introductions.

Jessica Curran, new HSA president, Kelly LaValle, Vice President, Melissa Manzione, Treasurer, and Nima Grinvalsky (Secretary fill in while Tammy Roman recovers from surgery)


Thank you to the teachers, parents and friends that came out to help prepare the school for the new school year. Many came out to assist with room changes, garden clean up, uniform exchange, principal meet and greet, touch up painting, designing the 70th anniversary signs and flags, hospitality for the first day of school and we also welcomed back the Hawks Mascot! A big thank you also goes out to the Father’s Club for another great Pig Roast. We are off to a great start!


Fundraising coming soon:

  1. Bottle and Can drive is Saturday September 26th from 9-12, we can use help.
  2. Kiducation, the bins in back of the church, we are collecting used clothing, books, and other gently used household items. They have also increased the price per pound, so this is a great way to do some Fall cleaning and make money for the school.
  3. Food Truck Event has been postponed; many of the vendors had a prior engagement, so we will be announcing another date at a later time.
  4. Pie Sales begin on Friday September 25th and run through October 16th. Pick up orders on November 24th.
  5. Christmas Fair will be held on November 14th.
  6. Mixed Bag will be going home early next week.
  7. We are hoping to bring back the Golf Tournament in the spring.


We are always looking for new ways to do fundraising, we are open to any new ideas you may have.


Vice President’s Report: Kelly LaValle


Please read our Bylaws, they are on the Saint James website. If anyone feels like any of them need to be changed, there is a process and a vote that can take place. Feel free to contact any of the HSA officers to talk about your concerns.


Spirit Wear: You can order online, paper copies will be going home as well, please be on the lookout for them. Spirit wear can be worn on dress down days as well as gym days! We now carry Spirit Wear for adults, show your Saint James Pride!


Pot Luck Dinners: We are going to be bringing back pot luck dinners. This is a great way to meet the parents in your child’s class.




Treasurer’s Report: Melissa Manzione


The budget will remain the same this year; we will need to raise 150,000. A handout was given to all in attendance to look over the budget from July 2014-June 2015



Secretary’s Report: Nima Grinvalsky

Minutes will be posted within a week.

Calendars: Requests to have a monthly calendar sent home with students, this request is being considered.


Guest Speakers: We are hoping to have some guest speakers come from the town and other networking, in the future to discuss child-related topics. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Spirituality Report: Father Bruce will be in assisting with spirituality at this point.

Friday October 16th: Saint Francis Mass to be hosted by the 8th grade, where their pets will be blessed by Father Bruce.


Principal’s Report: Mr. Lynch


Mr. Lynch thanked all the families, teachers and HSA for a great beginning of the school year. Mr. Lynch is very excited to be working here at Saint James. He is also very eager to be meeting all of the children each day. Mr. Lynch let parents know, he is going to classrooms to meet with teachers and the children, and he begins his day greeting the children as they come off the bus as well as being dropped off in the car line in the morning. Mr. Lynch also ends the day with the children by getting on the busses in the afternoon and reminding the children of the expectations for the ride home.

Mr. Lynch loves spending time in the classrooms and he looks forward to raising the bar with students as well as the teachers.

Mr. Lynch introduced Julie Davis as the new hire for Advancement and Development, her job includes advertising and trying to recruit new families.


Open House: During open house, Mr. Lynch spoke about the parent survey, we have about 85-90 responses on the first day.

When all results are in, Mr. Lynch will host a town hall type meeting to discuss the results to find out what direction would parents and staff like to see the school going and what needs to be accomplished to get there?

Mr. Lynch also expressed that he wants both teachers and parents to feel valued.

SAFETY: Mr. Lynch has taken many measures to ensure of our children.


  1. Lynch is working with bus drivers, getting on the bus each day and talking to the children about the expectations for the bus ride home and making sure children are on the correct busses.
  2. Set up a no parking on the other side of the fence rule.
  3. Lynch is outside in the morning greeting children and parents as they arrive to school.
  4. Walks the perimeter of the school each day.
  5. Recess, has advised teachers to always keep children in view.
  6. Wants to reduce the access to master keys for the school building.


Mr. Lynch will have drills each month; he always has the fire marshal come observe the drills to see where changes need to be made.

The first drill, he will let the children know when it is going to take place so the children are not scared. After the first fire drill, he will also do the lockdown drill.

LUNCHES:  It was discussed that parents are a bit concerned that 15 minutes for lunch is not enough time for the children to have lunch. Many parents stated that their children are in fact very hungry when they come home from school. Mr. Lynch is willing to explore if the children are in fact getting the full 15 minutes for lunch, and perhaps we can look at a 20 minute lunch period, however, this would take some planning and schedule changing.

Mr. Lynch also stated that he feels like all children must have their daily snack.


MORNING PRAYER: This is now taking place in each classroom. All of the teachers have Prayer Books and Pray with the children at the start of each day. This change was made because it is believed that having Prayer in the classroom is better due to the many distractions in the gym with children being dropped off at different times. It seems to be much more meaningful with the quiet of the classroom.

ACADEMICS: It was discussed that 7th and 8th grade families are concerned that we still do not have teacher after almost one month of school. They do acknowledge that the current sub is doing her best but they still worry about children falling behind. Mr. Lynch is calling every day to try and find a Science teacher, however, there is a shortage of teachers that want to teach science, and they also have to meet certain qualifications. This has been a very difficult task and he understands parent’s frustrations.

Father Bruce is working as our Spiritual leader and is working with the classroom teachers.


  1. September 25th Book Fair and Pie Sale Begins.
  2. September 26th Bottle and Can Drive.
  3. September 26th-October 3rd KIDUCATION collection drive.
  4. October 2nd NO SCHOOL.
  5. October 5th Mixed Bag Fundraiser begins.
  6. October 8th Potluck (Pre-K and K)
  7. October 12th NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day.
  8. October 15th Potluck (1st and 2nd grade)
  9. October 16th Saint Francis Mass, HALF DAY (dismissal 11:25) and Pie Sale orders due today.
  10. October 19th Script Sale begins.
  11. October 21st. HAS Meeting 7pm.
  12. October 22nd NO SCHOOL.
  13. October 24th Halloween Dance 6-9pm.
  14. October 26th Mixed Bag Orders Due
  15. October 28th Science Night 6:15-8:15 Halloween Theme!
  16. October 29th Potluck(grades 3&4)

CLOSING PRAYER:  Jessica Curran