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Meeting Minutes of November 16, 2016

H.S.A. Meeting

November 16, 2016


Opening Prayer: Mr. Lynch


Welcome/Introduction: Jessica Curran (President)

Thank you all for taking the time to attend our meeting this evening. This is your opportunity to voice feedback/concerns regarding our school. We appreciate your efforts to be involved at Saint James. You can reach out to the HSA at any time via email:


This evening, we are pleased to have guest speakers, Dr. Debby Carroll and Dr. Cheryl Durwin from Southern CT State University who will speak to us about the R.E.A.D.S. program they and their students coordinate here at St. James School. We want to sincerely thank you all for taking the time to be here with us tonight, and are grateful for any insight you have to help us guide our children on their academic journeys.  Dr Carroll and Dr. Durwin mentioned a few of the assessments: letter recognition, phonological awareness, word recognition, decoding, oral vocabulary, comprehension, and automaticity.

They also discussed components of learning with the brain.   Be a role model.  It is important that the children see the parents read.  Know it is fun and know that you can learn from reading.  Have your children read with you.   Ask them questions that are not yes or no answers.

There are websites you can visit to see if the book is appropriate for your child.  The Barnes and Noble and Scholastic websites both have age appropriate reading suggestions.

Dr.  Carroll and Dr. Durwin can give you skill on how and when to read with your children, and are available to answer any questions regarding their assessments.

Here is their contact information:

Deborah Carroll, Ph.D           (203)-392-6878 or

Cheryl Durwin, Ph.D              (203)-392-5562 or



President’s Report (Jessica Curran):

Recent Events: I want to say thank you to everyone that has been involved in recent school events that continue to make Saint James School special: to all who attended Restaurant Night at the Sitting Duck and to Melissa Recupero for coordinating it; to Melissa Figueroa, Devney Worsdale and the parents who helped host an amazingly fun Halloween Dance; to all the Room Parents who coordinated festive Halloween Parties and those that were here tonight preparing the classroom baskets for the Xmas Fair this weekend; to the 5th Grade teachers, Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Dellavecchia; Mrs. Kyburz, and all staff that helped with the All Saints Day Mass; to Megan Merwin and Kim Rodriguez who helped to coordinate the Mother/Son Bowling Night; and to all the parents and staff that continue to help with fund-raising, school events, lunch duty and Bingo. Your efforts are all gifts to our school!


Vice President’s Report–UPCOMING EVENTS: (Melissa Recupero)

  • JINGLE JOG &CHRISTMAS FAIR : Saturday, November 19th, 9:30 a.m. and 10:00am-4:00pm!! Come support our school!
  • There’s still time to send in baked goods, lotto tickets, bottles of cheer, etc. …volunteer if you can!
  • T-shirts are $8.00
  • Please drop off your donations by Friday or Saturday morning by 9:00am
  • Adam, our music teacher, will be at the Christmas fair at 10:30 with the 4th graders, who will be playing their recorders.
  • Pie Sale Pick-up: Tuesday, November 22, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the gym.
  • Raffle tickets went out: 15 tickets @ $10 per ticket are required to be sold by each family.
  • Barnes and Nobles Book Fair Event: Sunday, December 11th, Milford location.
  • Shop and support our school.
  • Come help us wrap gifts for the customers! Can volunteer in 2 hour increments if you would like.  Gift-wrap will be provided by B & N. We will put out a donation jar.
  • Children’s Holiday Fair: Wednesday, December 14th, 8:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Please send in money with your child.  It is a great way for them to shop for their family. Items are priced low and parent volunteers will be present to help the children shop. You may also attend the fair with your child to help them shop.
  • FREE Movie Night Coming SOON!


Treasurer’s Report: (Kelly Butler)

  • Financials (ytd): See Handout
  • Coupon Books:$25 per book. If you do not want to sell them or buy the book, please return back to the school.


Secretary’s Report: (Jean Smith)

Spirituality Update from Mrs. Kyburz

  • We had a successful BASIC NEEDS DRIVE for the poor and homeless in Bridgeport.
  • Non-perishable items are currently being collected for the St. James Food Pantry.
  • Thank you for your generosity and support.
  • Thanksgiving Prayer Service will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 23rd at 9:00 a.m.
  • Advent Mass will be celebrated on Friday, December 2nd, at 9:00 am and will be hosted by the 7th Grade.
  • All friends and family are welcome to attend all prayer services and Masses, as well as, daily morning prayer, which begins at 7:45 am in the gym.


  • Social Outreach (Devney Worsdale)
  • THE BRIDGE-distributing items to the poor and homeless on John Street, Bridgeport every 3rd Sunday of the month from 10:30-noon (Nov 20, Dec 18, Jan 15)
  • LORD’S KITCHEN-preparing and serving supper to the area poor and homeless at Christ Episcopal Church from 4:00-6:00 pm (Wed, Dec 28th).
  • HOMEBOUND VISITS- 5th grade,  Saturday, December 10th
  • Look for outreach opportunities in the weekly parent email bulletins. A complete list of all ADVENT Outreach will be available in December.
  • Contact Janine Kyburz if you are interested–spaces are limited.


Principal’s Report: (Mr. Lynch)


-Mrs. Kyburz got the morning prayer up and running.  The Pledge of Allegiance was added.   A letter went out to get the kids to be on time for Morning Prayer, which begins at 7:45a.m.  The Morning Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance only takes about 10 minutes.  Parents are welcome.

-Car line is more orderly

-Teacher / Parent conferences are tomorrow afternoon/night.  This is a good way to connect with the school.  Mr. Lynch can sit in on the conference if you would like.

-7th grade is orderly and calm.

-Better academics:  Our 8th grade is partnering with St. Joe’s Microbiology class to collaborate on a research project.

-Mr. Lynch has been working with the teachers and kids and everything is progressing well at this time.

-Pink dress down day is this Friday.  Donations go towards breast cancer awareness.

-Pep rally to kick off the Basketball Tournament (beginning Friday, November 25th) and dress down day will be Wednesday, November, 23rd. Dress down is allowed with a minimum donation of $1.00.  Donations to go towards those devastated by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.




Q: Service hours for confirmation at the Christmas fair?  It was good to go to the homeless shelter in Bridgeport and Prospect House.  Are there plans to review that?

A: Mr. Lynch said that we need to be careful where we send our children and whom we are sending them with.   Yes, we need to do service hours and help those in need.  This is a good lesson for the children to see.  It would be nice if a parent was with each child.  The Lord’s Kitchen is nice service opportunity in such proximity to our school (Christ Church, Main St).  They can help set up, prepare, and serve. Space is very limited, but it is every month.


Q:  Does every grade do a service project?

A:  It is a goal.  Mrs. Kyburz wants to do more and it is a goal that every class participates in service projects.  Reach out if you have any ideas or want to help make this happen.


Q:  Why do teachers have there own schedules for parent/teacher conferences?

A:  Mr. Lynch noted that all teachers should have afternoon and evening hours available to meet.  Call Mr. Lynch if you have a problem with scheduling.


Q:  Is there a Christmas Concert?

A:  Yes, we are working on confirming our December date. It will announced in the upcoming school email bulletins.


Q: When is Living Stations this year?

A:  Possibly 4/7/17


Q: Is there going to be Nature’s Classroom?

A:  Need to review the survey sent out to parents for specifics. It will depend on cost and if parents are able to participate in this program.



Closing Prayer: (Megan Merwin)