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Meeting Minutes of April 20, 2016

St. James School H.S.A.

Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2016


Opening Prayer: Mr. Lynch


Welcome/Introduction: Jessica Curran (President)

Thank you all for taking the time to attend our meeting this evening.

You can reach out to the HSA at any time via email:


President’s Report (Jessica Curran):

Thank you to all who have been involved in the recent school events… we are sincerely grateful for the good deeds that you do…in particular:

-Kevin Grivalsky and all those that helped with the most recent Movie Night;

-the 6th Grade teachers and students for hosting the April First Friday Mass;

-Melissa Recupero for coordinating a very generous donation from “Halle’s Hope Foundation” of 3 Epson color printers, a case of paper, and color ink cartridges for Saint James School.


Melissa elaborated on the Halle’s Hope Foundation and the good that they do in honor of their daughter, Halle. There is a road race also sponsored by this Foundation coming up and we would like to form a team to participate and represent Saint James School.


H.S.A. Officer Nominations:

Nominees for the term of July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017:

President- Jessica Curran,

Vice President- Melissa Recupero,

Treasurer- Kelly Butler

Secretary- Jean Smith, Megan Merwin, Devney Worsdale




Update from Julie Davis:

  • Enrollment is up 105%.
  • Only 45 current students not yet registered.
  • Thanks to advertising, word of mouth.


Bingo Update:

  • Looking for ideas to update Bingo
  • Need help over the summer
  • Continue the search for someone to run Bingo


The following were points made by attendees of the meeting regarding Bingo:

  • Signup Genius – some people have problems accessing
  • Volunteers aren’t talked to when at bingo
  • Should be made more into a social
  • Maybe charging families $300 in lieu of bingo isn’t enough money?
  • Is there a breakdown? – $22k has been earned by bingo thus far this year…this is less in comparison to other years
  • Last year collected $7k from families that didn’t do bingo

Mr. Lynch said this is a real problem.  Parents are “done” with  volunteering


Other attendee comments regarding volunteering:

  • Are all families doing their fair share?
  • Families who do everything do everything, we don’t want to continue to put the burden on families
  • Should we bring mandatory hours back?
  • Has been done in the past, but there was some dishonesty.
    • Someone needs to track
    • Families that don’t do their time, that amount often gets written off
  • Fundraising goal is $150k
    • Currently at $79k and are attempting to reach at least $100K for the year
    • the money raised would support technology and other school improvement efforts


Vice President’s Report: (Kelly LaValle)

Upcoming Events:

  • Mother’s Day Plant Sale: Friday, May 6th in cafeteria.
    • Help is needed Thursday at 1:00 p.m. to help unload plants (Terry Strazza noted 8th graders typically help. Last year 4th graders were able to help unload. Takes 20 minutes) and Friday during the Plant Sale.
  • Golf Tournament Update: Monday, May 23rd at Oronoque Country Club
    • Looking for parent volunteers to assist in acquiring sponsorships, coordinating this event, and helping out the day of the event.


Christie’s update:

  • Currently only 3 people soliciting.
    • 14 tee sponsors needed – only 3 sold to date
    • Need to have golfers sign up
    • Please tell your friends and family
    • Looking for foursomes – rounds of golf for players as prizes

Attendee Suggestions:

  • Bring flyer to golf courses- Mill River, Oronoque, Fairchild, Short Beach, Bronson
  • Many people look for tournaments
  • Put flyer out separately from the weekly school announcements
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day: Friday, May 27th in school gym.
    • Looking for parents to help out the day of this special event.
  • 1st Day School Supplies:
    • Should we pursue this as a school fundraiser or just as a convenient service for parents?
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day: Friday, May 27th in school gym.


Points made:

  • Need teacher’s supply list in next month or so for companies to start prepping
  • Comparable price to those in store
  • No minimum amt to buy
  • Can add on fee $10/box to make it a fundraiser
  • Want teacher’s input
  • Simon was present at meeting and noted she recently attended a conference where she received info on a similar service (EPI), which we will explore.
    • Branding and generic available
    • Average price of box – unknown
    • This is a convenience and there is a great deal of parent interest
    • Erin Fernschild to further review the costs
    • Do a sample purchase at Walmart?


Treasurer’s Report: (Melissa Manzione)

Financials (through March 2016): CLICK HERE TO VIEW HANDOUT

  • We are done across the board
    • Attendee commented to rely more on “free money”–i.e. Amazon Rewards-SJS has received $47 from over $7800.00 in purchases from those in the SJS community that have participated in Amazon smile
  • Push this and other rewards programs thru Facebook and school web-site


Spirituality Report: Please come and share in these special events with your children.

  • Ascension Mass, Thursday, May 5th at 9:00 a.m. hosted by the 3rd Grade.
  • May Crowning Mass, Friday, May 13th at 9:00 a.m., hosted by the 2nd Grade.


  • Simon noted spirituality needs going forward:
  • Altar server coordinator and more altar servers – need to advertise in the school
  • 4th/5th grade girls/boys wanted to become altar servers
  • Popick leaving SJS as her daughter graduates – need new liturgical dance supervisor
  • Dancers start at 4th grade
  • Incoming 8th graders can help with dancing routines, just need adult to supervise.
  • Upcoming mass – let’s honor the Drama Club attendees & Mrs. Merly


Principal’s Report: (Mr. Lynch)

  • Safe & Secure environment
  • Secured perimeter
  • Have police cruiser randomly at dismissal time
  • $450 ticket for people passing buses while lights on
  • Jack out there checking buses in morning & afternoon
  • Next year teachers will help with checking buses
  • Walkie-Talkies
    • $300/each
      • Need to raise money, buy few pieces at a time
      • Teachers take out to recess
    • Lock downs are being carried out in conjunction with fire drills
    • Fire drills down to 45 seconds vs 4-5 minutes at beginning of the year
    • Fire chief & police chief observed recent drills – they are impressed with our procedures
    • Teachers are reporting to Jack about suspicious cars/ activities
    • Bus Drivers happy with our kids
  • Nurse
    • Cindy Kelly had rotator cuff surgery
    • Nurse replacement doing great
  • Social Worker talking with students about bullying, sexual harassment
  • Bernadette Griffin from Catholic Center
    • Started with 8th graders
      • Social Media gets in the way
    • Did same with 7th graders – no findings
    • Going to 6th grade this Friday to address bullying, etc
    • Then down to 5th, 4h, etc – to finish by end of school year
    • Little kids know stranger danger
    • Reviewing manuals
      • Teacher-parent book
      • Reviewing safety concerns
      • Andover Mass has a rule for every violation
    • Need to have a universal form of ruling among all the teachers
    • Kelly to supply All Saints handbook
    • Someone coming in tomorrow to talk with teachers about expectations
  • Things going on in school
    • Middle school – waiting on final numbers
    • Elementary – also waiting on numbers
  • Jack’s door is always open
    • He can’t resolve things if he doesn’t know what’s going on
    • He likes when people stop by during drop off just to give him an update


  • Other points:
  • Attendee noted Boys room in gym needs to be checked
  • Stall was taken out when room was remodeled
  • Urinal & toilet (no privacy) and lock on door

Alyson Martin and Melissa Recupero looking into Grants, company donations for needed items in the school

  • New round tables for cafeteria
  • A lot of companies willing to donate bigger ticket items
    • Lakeshore – materials, games
      • We need to contact their people
    • Wilson Reading Program
      • Go Fund Me, Donors Choose
      • Trying to raise $ for computers for middle school
    • Apple does not work with Catholic schools
      • Grants for Catholic Schools
    • This may be too laborious
      • Can we start a committee to run this initiative?


Jack thinks we just need an overall plan

  • Academics
  • Field trips
  • Lots of things that have to be done  
  • Growth of school




Upcoming Events: FYI

April 27th (Wednesday)- Popcorn Sale for $1.00 during lunch

May 2nd (Monday)-Summer uniform starts.

-$1.00 Dress Down Day to support Relay for Life (wear PINK)

May 3rd (Tuesday)- Grade 8 cap and gown photos.

May 4th (Wednesday) -ACRE Test, Grades 5 & 8.

May 5th (Thursday)- Ascension Mass (Grade 3) at 9:00 a.m.

May 6th (Friday)- Mother’s Day Plant Sale

May 7th (Saturday)- Drama Club Production at 8:00 p.m. in gym

May 8th (Sunday)- Drama Club Production at 2:00 p.m. in gym

May 9th (Monday)- Grade 7 to Nature’s Classroom.

May 11th (Wednesday)- Grade 8 Trip to NYC.

May 13th (Friday)- May Crowning Mass (Grade 2) at 9:00 a.m.

May 17th (Tuesday)- Art Show, 6:00 p.m.

May 18th (Wednesday)- H.S.A. Meeting at 7:00 p.m. (Voting)

May 19th (Thursday)- Barnes and Noble Book Fair (B & N Milford).

May 20th (Friday)- Spring Concert at 6:00 p.m.

May 23rd (Monday)- Saint James Golf Tournament.

May 26th (Thursday)- Bike to School.

May 27th (Friday)- Grandparents and Special Friends Day

May 30th (Monday)- NO SCHOOL (MEMORIAL DAY)

– Saint James students to march in Stratford’s Memorial Day Parade.


Added Dates:

1.)May 12th-Zack’s Night

2.)6th Annual father/son Camp-out, Sat. 5/14, RSVP by 5/11

  • Boothe Park
  • Overnight camping optional



Closing Prayer: Jess Curran



Dear Lord,


Thank you for Saint James School. Thank you for the gift of our volunteers…no matter how big or little the job, no matter how much time is given; we are grateful for all that they do and ask you to bless them. Please, especially bless our HSA officer nominees for the upcoming school year, and the officers (Kelly, Melissa,Tammy, and Nima) who have graciously donated their time to our school for the past two years.

We ask you to help us be more like you in all that we do…in all that we say to one another, and in all our thoughts. Help us to continue to do wonderful things for our children’s school–for they are the ultimate gifts of your Love.

We thank you for all your blessings. Amen.