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Meeting Minutes, January 18, 2017

H.S.A. Meeting

January 18th, 2017


Jess Curran: This evening, we are pleased to have our own and very dear, Mrs. Kyburz, as a guest speaker who will share with us her endeavors here at the school. She will be offering thoughts on the importance of faith, prayer and mindfulness. We want to sincerely thank you, Mrs. Kyburz, for taking the time to be here with us tonight, and are grateful for any insight you have to help us, as parents, guide our children in their spiritual journeys.


Opening Prayer: Mrs. Kyburz

Mrs. Kyburz is working with our children, staff, and parents to incorporate Faith, Prayer, and Mindfulness in our lives.  We have the precious gift of faith in our community.

Faith – We were asked to finish this statement:  GOD is ……………

How is God in your day?  God is not a check mark on a to do list, God is not a box, God is not just on Sunday.

Prayer – Prayer comes in different forms. You don’t need to carve out the time.  Payer is always.  It can be as simple as holding hands with someone you love and thanking God for that person.  It can be at mealtime and bedtime.  Prayer is praying for others.  Prayer is for forgiveness. 

Taking sacred time is important.  Open the bible.  Read the gospel.  Find out what Jesus is doing, his thoughts, what he is asking for.  Surround yourself with things of faith. 

Mindfulness – Create silence/stillness in your day. Use the STOP practice.  S: Stop what you are doing.  T: Take a few deep breaths.  O: Observe (body, emotions, thoughts) P: Proceed (ask yourself – What’s most important right now to pay attention to?  Then continue)   

Mrs. Kyburz supplies a hand-out regarding Mindful PracticeMrs. Kyburz shared that a user friendly Bible is “Bible For Today’s Family.”

(A portion of her presentation that was recorded LIVE can be viewed on the HSA FB Page.)


Welcome/Introduction: (Jessica Curran)

Thank you all for taking the time to attend our meeting this evening. This is your opportunity to voice feedback/concerns regarding our school. We appreciate your efforts to be involved at Saint James. You can reach out to the HSA at any time via email:


I want to say thank you to everyone that has been involved in recent school events that continue to make Saint James a wonderful community to be a part of…from the day-to-day workings of the school, hot lunch, Christmas Pageant, Strings Concert, school Masses, and Social Outreach to Bingo, the Christmas Fair/Jingle Jog, Pie Sale, Book Fair, Children’s Holiday Fair, Can and Bottle Drive and Benefit for our beloved Coach Carf, we have been quite busy since our last H.S.A. meeting, so thank you to those among us that we see helping so frequently, and thank you to those unsung heroes that do so much for Saint James without anyone’s knowledge–who never get a thank you/public recognition or may not even want to be thanked…our gratitude is unending and our school year continues to yield great things because of all of you!


Financial Updates: (Jess Curran)

Christmas Fair: $8,904.00

Pie Sale: $2,728.00

Book Fair: $1,418.00

Kidstuff Coupon Books: $1,198.00

Basketball Tournament: $4,490.00

January Bottle and Can Drive: $295.00

Sitting Duck Restaurant Night: $75.00

BoxTops (to date): $835.00

Hot Lunch (to date): $4,258.00

Bingo (to date): $17,971.00

Total Fundraising (to date): $57,312.00



  • Open House is the next big event on the calendar and will be taking place on January 29th from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. to kick off CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK. Mr. Lynch will be speaking at the conclusion of the morning Masses to announce to invite everyone to the Open House. Pancakes will be served in the cafeteria by the Father’s Club from 10:30-11:30a.m., school extra-curricular activities will be showcased in the gym, each classroom will be open and displaying the students’ work, tours will be offered to prospective families, and the Cash Raffle prizes will be drawn at 1:00pm…It will be a great way for all Saint James families to come together as a community and show how proud they are of our school. Email if you can help with this event.

Julie Davis: Volunteers are needed prior to that day and the day off.  Open house is advertised also in private and social media.  Flyers are going out.  Yard signs are out.  Everyone can help simply by speaking to friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Kelly L. suggested that perhaps St. James could do a commercial for advertising for our school. 



Monday, January 30th – Friday, February 3rd.

  • The HSA will be coordinating a FREE Movie Night for families, Thursday, February 2nd at 6:00 p.m. and special things to thank the teachers throughout the week.
  • A schedule of the week’s activities will be coming soon.


  • Restaurant Night at Acapulco’s: Wednesday, February 1st.
  • Mention St. James School when you eat-in or take-out and a portion of your bill will go back to the school.




  • Funds2Orgs Shoe Drive: a collection of new and gently used shoes will be taken over a 60 day period beginning February 1st. Details to come.  We will receive approx 40 cents per pound. These shoes are sent to developing countries to create micro-enterprises as a source of income for struggling families.  Please band donated shoes together so that they stay paired and are easier to sort.


  • Auction: Friday, March 31st from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at Two Roads Brewery.
  • Silent Auction (of classroom projects and teacher experiences), Live Band, Balloon Pop, Raffles, and more…
  • Contact us if you would like to help.


  • Lyman Orchards has proposed taking part in their Spring Crisps/Braided Pastry Fund-raiser. We are considering this since the pie sale was successful and is a fairly easy fund-raiser to execute…we would love feedback to see if this is something we should move forward with. If so, timing of delivery needs to be determined. The week before April break was proposed.

A parent commented that delivery before April break may be too far in advance before Easter (since we have the week before Easter off this year).


  • Golf Tournament chairpersons are looking for assistance to begin planning and obtaining sponsorships for the event set for Monday, May 22, 2017. Contact if you can help.


  • Mark your calendars…this year’s Touch-A-Truck event has tentatively been booked for Saturday, September 30, 2017!
    • Suggestion to have a table to promote St. James school.
    • Food will be provided solely by food trucks at the upcoming event.


  • We are always open to new fund-raising ideas and assistance…please contact us!
    • A Spring Mixed Bag fund-raiser?
    • Food truck/movie night?
    • An event on school grounds during Stratford Day?
    • Carnival?
    • Raffle for a car, motorcycle, scooter?
    • Combined Mother’s Day plant sale with Grandparent’s Day? We are considering combining these two events this year and having two sale locations-one for grandparents/families, one for students…
    • One parent suggested selling wreaths/kissing balls at Christmas concert and flowers at Spring Concert. Filanowski’s is a company that was used at St. Gabe’s–good prices, good relationship and they take back what is not sold.


Security Project Update:(Megan)

Some HSA officers are currently in the process of obtaining quotes from area Security Companies and Locksmiths to provide the school with fob keyless-entry at 4 main doors, crash bar hardware installation at 4 main doors + gym doors, and control panel computer system. We are still fund-raising, applying for grants, and working to obtain local donations for this project. Any assistance or expertise in any of these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Estimates have come in anywhere from $14,000-$35,000.  More cameras are needed,  recording devices,  fobs, and electronic crash bars for the doors.


Principal’s Report: (Mr. Lynch)

Mr. Lynch thanked Mrs. Kyburz for speaking tonight and her dedication to St. James.  Mr. Lynch thanked Julie Davis and the staff for everything they do.  Because of them, when tours come through the school, St. James sells itself. 

Mr. Lynch discussed the focus to be a better teacher is through research and working with other teachers.  Last Friday, the staff attended a continuing education class given by Dr. Alyson Martin. This taught that once you can identify what each child needs then the learning takes off. 

Thanks also went out to the HSA for their work and support.  He also thanked the Father’s Club for all they do and thanked them for the fund raiser held last Saturday for the Carrafiello family.  John Lavalle mentioned that approx $9,000 to 10,000 was raised.  The online giving is still open.  John Lavalle was asked to share the link with the HSA so that it can be posted on the website. 

Thank you to Julie Davis.  A lot of families are coming to St. James.  Thanks to everyone for this great family and community. 

Mr. Lynch also mentioned that after morning prayer, he and Mrs. Kyburz go to up to the middle school.  Mrs. Kyburz starts with mindfulness practice.  This starts the day off with a nice feel to it.



  • One of the parents mentioned that it so nice to see Mr. Lynch outside at the beginning of the day and end of the day.
  • Kelly Lavalle mentioned that she and Mrs. Farnan would like to offer a “STEM Night” for the school, and will be sending out an email to Mr. Lynch with more information.

Q: Do we make money on the hot lunch? How many years have we been making money?

A:  Per our financial actuals handout at the meeting, hot lunch made $15,682.00 last year and $4,258.00 to date this year. Jessica will ask Natalia how many years we have been profiting from the lunch program. Natalia reported that the lunch program has been organized like this and making profit for the school for over 20 years.

Q: What is the total fundraising spreadsheet time frame?

A:  July to July


Closing Prayer: (Jess Curran)

Lord, As we prepare to conclude this meeting, we ask you to bless our students, parents, faculty and staff with your Grace. Help us to be mindful in all that we do, and to act according to Your Will. We thank you for those that have been present here tonight, and for the gifts of fellowship, understanding, mutual respect and shared vision.  We are also grateful for your gifts of perseverance and insight into the common concerns we share. As You have blessed our coming together, now bless our departure, journeys home, and future events and plans we have discussed here tonight. Amen.