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Saint James School

Home and School Association Bylaws



The name of the organization shall be the Saint James Parent Association.


The St. James Parent Association is responsible for:

  • Collaborating with the administration to offer opportunities for families to connect and grow together as a community both spiritually and socially,
  • Unifying parents in an effort to raise funds for the school,
  • Serving as a vehicle for information exchange on a regular basis,
  • Advocating for the continual improvement of St. James School,


Membership in the Association is open to all parents and guardians of current St. James students. Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend and participate in all meetings. The St. James School Pastor and St. James Principal serve as ex-officio members of the Parent Association.


ARTICLE IV – Officers and Elections

The St. James Parent Association will be led by a Leadership Council.  The Council will be made up of a group of officers consisting of:

  • Current parent representatives shall be elected as: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Parent Ambassador Liaison. Co-officers may be elected for the positions of Treasurer, Secretary or Parent Ambassador Liaison.
  • Any co-advisers will also serve as part of the leadership council.
  • The principal and pastor shall serve as ex-officio members.

Officer Duties

  • President: This individual will preside over meetings of the organization, serve as the primary contact for the principal, represent the parent association at meetings outside of the organization, serve on all committees, prepare agendas for association meetings and coordinate the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served. The President will also serve as an ex-officio member of the St. James School Advisory Board.


  • Vice President: This individual shall assist and support the President in all of his/her duties, work closely with the President to assure all roles are met and carry out the President’s duties in his/her absence or inability to serve.


  • Treasurer: This person(s) shall receive all funds of the organization, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, work in direct relationship with the school Business Manager and hold all financial records for the association.  The Treasurer shall provide financial statements at all meetings.


  • Secretary:  This individual(s) shall keep all records for the organization, take and record minutes at meetings, submit written minutes within one (1) week following meetings for approval and post and assist with the correspondence of the organization.  The Secretary will also post items on related social media sites. The Secretary also keeps a copies of all meeting minutes, bylaws, committee member’s lists and calendar of approved activities and brings them to all meetings.


  • Parent Ambassador Liaison: This individual(s) shall serve as the primary coordinator between the Parent Association Leadership Council and the Classroom Parent Ambassadors (formerly known as room parents). The Liaison will facilitate parent involvement to support the objectives of the St. James Parent Association.   


  • Co-Advisors:  Each officer, upon completion of their term, may choose to remain involved in the leadership council as an advisor. Each advisor may stay on for one additional year to assist the council at the discretion of the Principal and/or St. James Pastor. The advisor serves in a consultative capacity.

Officer Elections

The nomination process will take place as follows:

  • At the March Parent Association meeting, nominations will be opened up.
  • Individuals may volunteer for a position or be nominated by a fellow parent.
  • Any parent wishing to be nominated for a position may indicate their interest by contacting either the Principal or any officer within the Parent Association.
  • Nominees for each position will be posted on the school website and shared in the association’s minutes.
  • The slate of nominees will voted on at the final Parent Association meeting of the school year, typically in May. Voting shall be by a voice vote or a show of hands.
  • If more than one person is nominated for a position, a ballot vote shall be taken.

Terms of Office Positions

  • Officers are elected for a two year term. 
  • Each term will begin on July 1 and end on June 30. 
  • Each person elected shall hold only one office at a time. 
  • No officer shall be eligible for the same position for more than four consecutive years unless the position goes unfilled.


  • The President and Vice President may fill any officer vacancy prior to the end of each term, subject to approval by the Principal and remaining board. 
  • This appointee will serve the remainder of the term. 
  • If the President or Vice President position is vacated, the Principal shall appoint a replacement(s) for the remainder of the term.

Removal from Office

  • Parent Association officers can be removed from office with or without cause by two-thirds vote of those present (assuming a quorum) at a regular meeting where previous notice has been given.

ARTICLE V: Meetings


  • The Parent Association will meet a minimum of four times during the school year.
  • Additional meetings will be called as needed.
  • Any parent with a concern or idea is welcome to reach out to the Association’s Leadership Council via email at any point during the year.
  • The Parent Association Leadership Council will meet throughout the year as needed.
  • The Leadership Council may choose to communicate with parents electronically, including notices of upcoming meetings and meeting minutes.


  • A quorum of fifteen members (not including officers) needs to be present to vote.


  • All adults participating in meetings are expected to conduct themselves with respect.
  • Democratic majority ruling will be followed during voting processes.


ARTICLE VI: Amendments

  • Bylaws shall be reviewed and updated as necessary.
  • Proposed changes to bylaws are subject to the approval by the association’s officers and the principal of the school prior to presentation to the general membership.
  • These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a consensus of the members present, provided a quorum is present.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a consensus of the members of the Home and School Association present, provided a quorum is present, and the amendment has been presented for discussion at a previous meeting.