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Fathers’ Club

The Fathers Club ….
We in the Fathers Club are here for our children & are always looking for creative ways to get them involved with us in the school community & beyond !!

Fathers Club Mission Statement & Accomplishments..

Mission Statement
Fathers of St James School coming together in various ways with their children to help the school ,the community , and anyone or anything along the way .
Trying to live our lives as Jesus would to help our fellow man .All while teaching ourselves & our children that we get as much when we give .

Started over 8 years ago under the suggestion & guidance Janine Kyburz to lift spirits join together dads , kids teachers & community with hard work & faith ..we have been “paying it forward ” ever since ….
Another reason why the Fathers Club has been so popular over the years is that in that ANY monies raised EVERYONE in the club has a say as to where the funds are allocated.. That is a very important part of why we have been so successful is that the active participants actually have a stake in what we do ..below is just a sampling of what we have done 🙂

Fathers Club Accomplishments **
**Drum set to the school band
**Help school walk -a-thin ” hawk walk ” help organize & donated raffle prizes
Gave out frosty treats to kids on field day
••Pancake breakfasts serving community & fellowship with some syrup More Coming !!
••Vicki Soto early reading center with a list from the Soto family of 20 of her favorite books .. FC. Bought those books and more for the 1st & 2nd graders Handmade bookcase , rug & chair donated along with spiritual items to display on shelves

••West Broad Green Tree lighting

••Gaspar , Royal , and other families supported through the organization skills of the fathers club

•••Restaurant nights
•••sound tiger night
•••Rita’s Ice Night / Zacks night
•••Donated time & $$ to re & re mulch playground ..multiple times ( minus sticks )
•••Donated t shirts to basketball team
•••Mrs Kyburz goodbye party
•••Mr Geirying goodbye
•••Mr Pavlick retirement
•••Security system cameras, monitors & recording throughout school grounds
•••Donated to Mrs Kyburz mission trip
•••Pass the hat to remember FC family members & donated food to families in times of need .
•••Gave out Bibles to families who suffered a loss of a loved one . Along with a platter of some sort to help out
•••Help pay $$ to fix teachers smart boards
•••Letter Stamp machine to help out the lower grade teachers
•••Father/ daughter dance 8+
•••Father / son Campout 8+
•••School opening picnic 8+
•••Blarney Bash parent dance .. multiple++
•••Bricks for books ..ongoing which included demolishing the old landing in front of gym & putting a beautiful brick area for all to remember loved ones who have passed & celebrate significant milestones such as graduation of St James

We also have ./
•••Donated mini pig roasts to school auction which Made $5000+for school
••• donated an ADP Heart defibrillator
Helped those affected by hurricane Sandy with :
•••Rockaway Run ( help people )
•••Brooklyn ASPCA ( help pets)

•••Donations to various teachers appreciation days & week long celebrations
Filled teachers ” wish list ” multiple times
•••teachers night @ paradise
•••10 chrome books ..which will now be used by the lower grades
•••Microwave in kitchen
•••Helping out a school mom with clean up donating muscle & a dumpster

This past year
•••Matched donations at a school band night from parents attending .. Over $600 raised in 15 minutes for the music program from the generous parents & FC

Held a successful fundraiser ( over $1300) to help Mr Lynch with his upgraded FOBS security system..
Also offered to purchase additional walkie -talkies for the school

Helped an old friend in the parish with a job over at St James Church around Christmas this past year

Gone to the Bpt Rescue mission to donate Christmas tree so they could enjoy the past 2 years
Co ordinated with Mrs Kyburz & the upper grade children to give Christmas Bedtime Bags to the Rescue Mission so the less fortunate could enjoy !
Donated 250 cinch sacks so these same kids could have a keep sake to enjoy after the holidays.
***We have been anchoring 1 week a month EVERY MONTH at the school bingo for 6 plus years ( which is a major SCHOOL fundraiser)
And on & on & on

We ALWAYS look forward to & welcome new ideas from our dads at the forefront ! Come get involved .. Who knows you might enjoy it !
Contact us at

When we have events that when they do make money 100% goes DIRECTLY back to the children, school & community

No fanfare No accolades … Just want to help
It’s been working for over 8plus and ” hopefully ” will continue in the future
God Bless

As always you can visit us on FB on our group site or public page image