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7-209, Ms. Farnen (Middle School Science)

Week of November 14th


8th Grade- activity set on Chapter 3 Elements and the periodic table


7th- activity set on System Interactions and Homeostasis
       Study Chapter 1 Lesson 1, 2 & 3 Exam will be Monday 11/21/16.


6th- Study Chapter 2 lesson 3 soil conservation quiz on wednesday
       Study Chapter 2 lesson 1,2, & 3 Chapter exam will be Monday 11/21/16



Week of November 7th

6th- Quiz Wednesday Study chapter 2.1 how soil forms. Read Chapter 2.2 Soil Conservation.

7th- chapter 1.2 System Interactions. activities
8th- Study Chapter 2 exam Friday. Chapter 2 review in book.