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Faculty and Staff Directory

50 Harvey Place, Stratford, CT 06615 (203) 375-5994 Phone
(203) 380-0749 Fax
(203) 375-1367 After School Program
(203) 380-1990 Business Office


STAFF1b2Websites: Each teacher has his/her own classroom website. Please click on the teacher’s name if it is highlighted.  All of our teachers will be posting their classroom site for parents to stay current and informed on upcoming events, assignments, projects that pertain strictly to your child’s class.

Email Policy Note: Teachers are not required, but are encouraged to utilize their school email to communicate with parents and conduct school-related business.  Please check with your child’s teacher regarding his/her personal e-mail/mail preferences.  The office staff will do their very best to respond in a timely manner to any e-mails received.


Ms. Carolyn Agoglia
Grade 8/ Junior Social Studies Teacher
Room 207

Mrs. Karen Arena
Kindergarten Teacher
Room 108

Ms. Kristen Barrett
Grade 3 Teacher
Room 109

Mrs. Ann Battaglia
Grade 4 Teacher
Room 101

Miss Melissa Berardi
Grade 2 Teacher
Room 105

Mrs. Kelly Beyus
Music PK-8

Ms. Michelle Bostley
Grade 1 Teacher
Room 102

Mrs. Jean Board-Fayumi
Art Teacher

Mrs. Maureen Capuano
Preschool Teaching Aide
Room 100

Mrs. Claire Casey
Grade 5 Teacher / 5th & 6th Grade Social Studies
Room 202

Mrs. Kathleen DellaVecchia
Grade 7/Junior High Math Teacher
Room 206

Ms. Marissa DePalma
Grade 6 Teacher/5th & 6th Grade English
Room 205

Mrs. Kathleen Dudzinski
Kindergarten Teacher
Room 108

Mrs. Mary Fasold
Early Reading Intervention: Kindergarten
Support Reading: Grades 1 & 2

Mrs. Melissa Francetic
Reading Support
Grades 1 & 2

Ms. Lisa Feudo
Grade 3 Teacher
Room 106

Ms. Jamie Hawkins
Grade 4 Teacher
Room 201

Ms. Mikki Iannacone
Grade 1 Teacher
Room 103

Mrs. Cindy Kelly
School Nurse

Patricia Libero

PK-3 Library

Mrs. Beth McCormick
Kindergarten Teacher
Room 107

Mrs. Mary Merly
Preschool Head Teacher
Room 100

Ms. Maureen Mikos
Grade 5 Teacher/5th & 6th Science
Room 204

Mrs. Jody Mitchell
Grade 2 Teacher
Room 104

Mrs. Susan Nealy
After School Director

Mrs. Victoria Oligino
School Secretary
Office Assistant/Certificate Program

Mrs. Cecilia Palumbo
Office Assistant/Certificate Program

Mrs. Marilyn Pellegrino
Reading Support
Grades 3 & 4

Ms. Gladys Ramos
Spanish Teacher
Grades K & 4-6

Mr. Daniel Routhier
Technology Teacher/Integration Specialist

Mrs. Deborah Rusatsky
Grade 7/ Junior High Science Teacher
Room 209

Mrs. Barbara Siegler
Lunch Program Coordinator

Mrs. Colleen Simon
Grade 8 / Junior High English Teacher Room 208

Dr. Melissa VanBuren
Director of Spirituality & Development Main Office

Mrs.  Janet Warren
Learning Support Teacher

Mrs. Annmarie Winchell
Spanish Teacher

Mr. Patrick Yerina
Grade 5 Teacher / 5th & 6th Grade Math
Room 203

Mrs. Natalia Zamachaj
Business Office Manager